What Are The Best Selling Dog Beds?

There are so many dog beds out there that finding the right one for your pooch can get quite confusing. From different styles to different colours, there's no limt to what you can find. Sometimes it's nice to have a helping hand, and that's exaclty what you've got here.

After scouring the internet for the best deals, here are the most popular dog beds currently on the market. The plethora of pet shops means you can either shop online and have your purchase delivered or order online and collect in store. Whatever you decide to do, the end result is that your dog will have a fantastically comfortable bed!

Marchioro Perla Plastic Dog Bed

A great plastic dog bed that is available in a range of sizes and colours. No matter whether you've got a large dog, a small dog or a puppy, getting one of these is the way forward. Solid, easy to clean and resistant to biting and chewing, add a few pillows or blankets and it's one comfortable place to sleep!

Available from Pet Supermarket. Click here to buy now!

Dog Gone Smart Donut Bed

You can see the comfort of this dog bed just by looking at it. Full of padding and with raised sides to aid support, your dog will have no choice but to succumb to sleep. Available in sizes from 27" to 42", the bed comes in brown, khaki or navy. It's easily washable so you can keep it smelling nice. A solid bed all round!

Available from Pet Supermarket. Click here to buy now!

Poi Dog Poly Canvas Dog Duvet Bed

Poi Dog beds are just awesome in every respect, and it's easy to see why they are some of the best out there. Filled with ultra soft fibres, the Duvet Bed is supremely comfortable and has a fully machine washable cover. Ideal for all breeds and sizes, dogs with muscle and bone problems, particularly arthritis, will benefit the most. There are a range of sizes and colours available, but the large bed is certainly the most popular.

Available from Amazon.co.uk. Click here to buy now!

The fact is that there's a massive amount of choice out there, and whatever you decide will be perfect for your dog. Anything is better than the floor after all. If you follow the 'sponsored links' in the menu to the right, finding a great deal at some of the most popular pet shops around is easy!

Where To Buy Dog Beds Online

Getting the right bed for your dog is important. From the right size to the right material, ensuring your pet is comfortable, warm and happy is all that matters. While price can be an important factor, the main thing to think about is the dog itself.

There are loads of websites out there selling pet supplies, but the following are some of the best. With a great selection of dog products, including beds, kennels, cages and toys at very reasonable prices, you can make your best friend think it’s Christmas every day of the year!

Click the images or text links below to go straight to the retailers' websites.


Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer and has a phenomenal range of pet products. Pretty much anything you can imagine is stocked and available at fantastic prices. With free delivery on most products, you’ll find some real bargains. For both dog and owner, there aren’t many other sites that can compete with Amazon.

A truly global retailer, UK costumers should look at Amazon.co.uk, while international customers should check out Amazon.com.

Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket is the UK’s biggest and most popular online pet store. It really is the best place to go for all things pet related. For dogs especially there are a fantastic range of beds including plastic and wicker beds, comfortable pillows and even dog bean bags.

There are weekly offers on a great range of products with free delivery being common, as well as some massive savings. Shop with confidence and find what you need every time!

Pets Warehouse

Another fantastic website in the US, Pets Warehouse has thousands of products for a range of animals. There are some wonderful fleece dog beds that look comfortable and feel great. Machine washable, they are available in 6 sizes which means pretty much every breed is catered for. Quality products from a quality retailer!